The Secret…

The socialisation of emotion and emotional responses in sport.

Donnelly and Young (1988)
Have discussed the significance of such expression and interaction involved in the construction and confirmation of identity in subculture.
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East Coast vs West Coast Utopia

Featured Artist

We’re stoked to welcome Jez Goffin AKA Armchair Hero on board as our featured artist at London Surf / Film Festival 2016. We’ve been long time fans of Jez’s, receiving regular and unexpected instalments of pure, graphic stoke through the post from this pro-active practitioner. Hailing from the East coast, or as he would have it, ‘the right coast’ Jez infuses his work with humour and insight, challenging you to alter your preconceptions of just what it means to be a surfer on our fickle island.

We will be hosting an exhibition of his work at this year’s festival which explores the notion of Utopia through graphic print and photography. Stay tuned for more details.

We also have a very special collaboration with Armchair Hero that we’ll be announcing soon…watch this space!

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Swell is a visual deconstruction of the vital data many surfers use to plan the weekend activities. Based around wave direction and wind patterns, this set of hand pulled and vinyl posters explores the graphical journey in which we follow.
The work was first shown at the Forw4rd surf film festival, and is soon to displayed at the London Surf Film Festival.

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With swell data at our finger tips, the what where when and how drives the daily search bars.

Being lucky enough to catch the wind and waves together are what dreams are made of.

Whilst visually deconstructing the perfect conditions I’ve focused the elements down to the main details. Size, Swell Period, Temperature and Wind Speed manages the core information whilst leaving out the politics of the on or off shore debates.

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Indaba 2017

Based around the East Coast of UK’s North Sea, this ethnographic research focuses on the social conditioning and cultural predisposition of surfing’s ‘tribal community’, as well as the regeneration on coastal communities’. The search for the surf utopian dream has resulted in a ‘diminished’ surfing culture, which is noticeable along the Lincolnshire coastline. Hosting study interviews within the media / surfing industry has resulted in data sets pointing towards the what, where, why and when. But most importantly also highlights possible intermediary solutions and growth.

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